Support for JPARSEC models

Support for JPARSEC models

This page have additional support information for the models available using JPARSEC library.

Transforming old status files to the new version of the JPARSEC library (October, 2011)

JPARSEC library is in intense development status, and has changed significantly from the previous version. Status files for some of the programs (SEDFit, DataCube, and JPARSEC slide show) must be changed. Status files for the slideshow program should be changed by hand, using the text file of the presentation to import it again in the program and the save status option (after setting the additional desired options in the program). For SEDFit and DataCube I have prepared a program to change the status files with easy. The steps to follow are detailed next.

  1. Download this file and copy it to the main program directory, where other files like manager.jar are installed.
  2. Execute the following command for Linux systems. For Windows you will have to change : by ;. If you don't have a compatible Java Runtime Environment you can change 'java' by 'jreLin/bin/java' or 'jreWin/bin/java'. MAC users should have no problems.
java -classpath research.jparsec.TransformOldStatusFiles

Previous command will launch a program that will ask for the input directory with SEDFit and/or DataCube status files, and for the output directory to save the new files. It is recommended to prepare the input and output directories before launching the program, with an empty output and an input directory only with status files. Anyway, input and output directories could be the same (to overwrite old files), and .sh, .txt. and .jar files will be automatically skipped.

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