Astrophysical data

A page that provides access to scientific data, news, and also some information on my activities, that involve studies about intermediate mass protostars (circumstellar disks modelling, chemical conditions in envelopes, and so on).

Astrophysical data

This page provides access to download data for any of the sources we have worked on. Among the data you will find articles, .30m and .lmv files (continuum, CO data, …) for Gildas, and status files to load the modelings that appear in our articles within the JPARSEC tools.

The search form below provides an easy access. Simply type in the source name (or a J2000 position as a set of six values separated by one space for h m s º ' ”) and, optionally, the search radius in degrees. Then click on the Search button, and a list of data will appear. In the list you will see a popup message describing each downloadable file if you keep the mouse on the link without moving it. The source name is solved using Simbad, so any identifier recognized by Simbad is allowed. If you leave the source name field empty and click on search, the table will show all available data. To obtain details for a given source, including maps generated on the fly using JPARSEC library, click on the name of a given source. Note that the search is not working in some cases, for example in the latest version of Chrome.

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List of publications

My list of publications is available here.

Current research

  • Star formation.
  • Ephemerides server.


Latest presentations.

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