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Now that I have again two operative hands I have started working. In fact, I've never stopped, but with pain it is impossible to concentrate and also I have dedicated a lot of time to things not very interesting to be posted here. My thesis manuscript (see is in good progress, everything is quite completed except the introduction. The database in the Science section is finished with all data used in my thesis. In terms of astronomy, I have also updated the new sky and solar system applet in the Projects section, adding a Spanish version, and fixing some bugs related to satellite events. I have collaborated with other people to improve charts and tables for the Anuario Astronómico (or astronomical almanac) published yearly at Observatorio Astronómico Nacional (OAN). Now I am working in a web ephemeris server for the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (see, where the OAN represents (or tries to) its astronomical extension. The object is to simplify the access of general public to astronomical phenomena, with accurate and elegant maths and charts. The provisional page is at, but it will probably disappear after moving to So I've been quite busy these weeks.

Today I have tested the Jzy3d library (see for example). It is a 3d library that is becoming popular for scientific plotting. I've been tracking it for a few months before testing since I had no time or health to dedicate even one or two good hours to it. After testing, I conclude Jzy3d is still not ready for production, so I will not include it in JPARSEC neither write an specific binding for it, as I did with other libraries. There are several reasons for this. First, the library rely on JOGL (OpenGL), which means that it uses native code for ploting. OpenGL itself is cross platform, but that's not the case when configuring the Java binding JOGL to use OpenGL from Jzy3d, since it requires to set the path of the native libraries (that's not the case of other JOGL examples though…), and I'm not sure how to deal with this from JPARSEC. Also, JOGL is good for gaming, but for just plotting there are better and more simple approaches, like to use just Java3D or Agile2D (see for a comparison of Java2D and OGL in terms of performance for plotting simple things). The second reason is that it is not stable, but in high development activity. And the third one is that to draw 3d surfaces or scattering plots is already possible with JMathPlot (I'm pleased with it) and VISAD.

I have no plans to use 3D charts soon, but in that case the libraries currently shipped withing JPARSEC will do the job reasonably well.

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